April 26, 2005

Pulau Lang Tengah

[journal entry]

Finally got the pictures developed - (yes webber some of us are old school preferring 35mm film instead of digital. plus you need higher IQ to use one of these, so i don't blame you) espcially the underwater ones:

Snorkle view 01

Snorkle view 02

seriously, one of the scariest things about snorkling is that when you get closer to shore, these coral beds are just inches from your face - imagine a weird looking alien-vagina-like organism, wait; thousands of them so close to you - yuck. It's quite freaky to be honest, more-so if you're the type which dislikes funny looking textures (moss, prunes, coral, britney spears, brains, etc). Just so that you get the picture, imagine this:
crown of bony fingers
3 inches from your face!! yeah, i know, fuck that.

A fun thing to know - darkness temptress told me that if you chipped even a piece of coral, the whole coral patch will die (they harden up to form this vast graveyard of 'bones' that makes up most beaches of terengganu that has been inhabitated by mankind the destroyer). I kinda feel guity for.. chipping off a little piece from one of the reefs (those damned flippers are difficult to maneuver with) - so i'll make it up to the sea by posting pictures of them, preserved in this digital state like an intricate pixel tapestry. After all, photography literally capturing moments in time; a static representation of its living self. But if you think about it, the coral reef resembles an ideal world - beautiful when all it;s living things are in harmony, each part playing its own role for the betterment and survival of the rest. If everyones' existence depended on coexistence, our promary goal would be to ensure the survivability of others - to in turn preserve ourselves. But then again, if this line of thought be the deciding factor for that sort of mentality, wouldn't we be living just because we don't want to die?

the ladies

the guys


  1. ~*sher*~&Crystal2:30 PM

    dearest blog owner, you have been caught violating the Copyright Act under Section 21(b) Act No.25 for misusing pictures of the three pretty girls without permission and u are sentenced to pay a bail ammounting up to RM100 for the processing of our pictures. Kindly appear in court before Sher and Crystal by this Sunday before our authoritie(s), the hand-cuffer by the name of Ms.Veni Jee punishes u to forever damnation!

  2. i see. so i assume the RM100 fine would be becoz of the following breakdown:

    misuse of veni - RM 80
    misuse of shermaine - RM 18
    misuse of crystal - RM2


  3. ~*sher*~11:07 PM

    hahaha...cool, least i'm worth more. ;p

  4. crystal10:35 PM

    i think its the other way around!!

    misuse of crystal- rm80
    misuse of shermaine- rm18
    misuse of veni- rm2

  5. halo!!

    it doesn't matter anyway, since the 3 of you come together all the time, it's like a packaged deal or something

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