April 4, 2005

'curiosity' IS a cat.


BLOGS. Why in the world would the notion of an online journal, or ' public diary' appeal to anyone? Maybe the answer lies beyond the simple need to keep track of a life - but to also validate the existance of it - idealy, the net can never die, never be burned or fade into nothingness. Electronic pages are somewhat more durable to a certain extend, AND it's been the medium that i have been dealing with for the past six years.

In a somewhat twisted way, the idea of leaving snippets of my life on a quasi-intangible platform gives me a sense of existance; well at least in the cyberworld. Moreover it's a perfect place to render my muse- AND not forget them like when it's purely verbal - so yeah, that's my reason. Feel free to ask a question if you must - remember, there's no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people.

What the hell am i doing? good question, i'm sitting in the office with 2 of my colleagues trying to figure out how to start work. I just need to kill of some time while they finish their McD's dinners; which by the way is a scam. I guess everything with the prefix Mc or Mac infront of them is a scam anyways. (like Macintosh Apple) hah! later on that, i need to be gone from here.

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