August 25, 2005

altruism, compromise, and sacrifice

[journal entry]

Is the act of compromise a selfless one? What is compromise? To concede upon something, to formulate an agreement in unison, which would mutually benefit all parties? What if the compromise on one side is played with the intention to salvage and upkeep, say a relationship, the only benefit of the giver is the sustained relationship. Shouldn't it be in the best interest of both parties to want the same thing? When it requires a greater sacrifice on one side, is it an act of altruism or compromise?

"He that falls in love with himself will have no rivals," said Ben Franklin. I'd say He who falls in love with another will be his own rival. The question is, how much can someone give till nothing is left? Being only human, the need to give is fueled by receiving as well. Even Mother Teresa received from God - a reward far greater than all she could give, AND the passion and drive to practice selflessness.

Then again, the saying goes, "the reward is in the act itself."

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