September 1, 2005

Graduation @ LUCT

[journal entry]

Congratulations, gradates of '04! Hopefully you guys suck so that there won't be much competition in the already saturated industry. But seriously, think carefully about what you wanna do, else u'll end up wasting time. Like working for Starbucks. Like Sha. Or working as a GRO. Like Crystal. So murid-murid, good luck & all the best!

Retarded mass comm students.

Mel & Chris [sorry chris, forgot your blog address]

Some white guy to make the ceremony seem more important.

Mel & Jessica Alba

Covienne & Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba. hahahahahahahahahahha *snort* ...u wish


  1. so it's THAT melissa, is it? cheh.. she was in one of my classes. i tot which melissa.. hahaah..

    and btw.. JESSICA ALBA???

  2. Yes Siren, it's Jessica Alba! You have a problem with that?