November 15, 2005

the waiting room

[journal entry]

Have you ever really felt alone? I'm sure everyone, at one point has been there. Maybe it's just the way we were programmed - or not programmed for, just for arguement's sake (because i'm positive arguement would give a damn about this anyway) you know? And words would always be words until it rings true to you, or in this case, strike a chord that your harp was never tuned to accomodate. But i'll vouch for that - we really don't know how truly alone we all can be - till you're really there - when there isn't anyone standing beside me to help me define who i am, and that's when answering that question needs to be answered the most, save short of a lobotomy.

For God knows when, for the first night of my life, living in a place where fragments of company lay all around, did it really scare me - four walls never seemed to bear an ominous prescence or significance to me ever. For crying out loud, the words carved on them to induce comfort is just evoking the opposite. or maybe designed this way. either way, why does it have to start now?

At least someone shed light on "Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep."