January 5, 2007

Anthem of the Torn

[journal entry]

Is it brave to stand tall when all you want to do is die?
Is it too much to ask, for an answer, if not a straight lie?
If it was never meant to be, will I at least know a reason why?
Don't you see, leaving me in the dark was a cruel goodbye.

Won't you let down your guard, for I too am defenceless.
My footsteps are concealed, but not the silver blood,
Am i your marionette, just like you, is of someone else?
Just cursed to stalk, walk away, or in shadows lurk.

Do you smile or shiver, at this panaromic view of the heart.
Are you too the hostage, another captive of a concrete vault?
Will I still see you, with that soft light that sets you apart?
Or do you know for sure, i'm just someone you want out.

Did you find out how silver platters are in flight?
I'll tell you it hurts like hell - is that an insight?
This glass, of promises so enticing, of words so bright,
Because of you, I would surrender from inside,

You call me weak, and doubt i'll be strong for two,
Come on, just take a look, there is no rule,
You just deal it with experience, and wonder why i won't too,
Guess you didn't see it's not why, but who...

It's more painful, as mine was you.


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  2. Hey dude, never knew u had a blog too. Great writing btw.. knew u always had it in u.. :)