March 11, 2009

under the same blue blankets

have you ever wondered, how meeting someone under different circumstances could result in quite a very different relationship? like what if i didn't have aids, or what if i wasn't in the same state of mind or wasn't emo; or maybe even as small as what if... i had smiled when i introduced myself?

would we all have that same chance of knowing another the exact same way eventually? would we have cared, just a little bit more? would we have turned out to be great friends or just familiar strangers?

well, the most straightforward way of approaching this would be to justify it as fate's calling. aerosmith said "life is a journey, not a destination" - if you disregard that he was probablly high when he came up with that, it does connote the whole random encounter thing- pathways mapped out by the choices we make along the way.

and this is applicable to not only yourself, but everyone else as well- thus giving birth to the interwoven nature of this tapestry of journeys, and it will still be as random as it can be- which makes it no different than the concept of fate on a fundamental level. coz as much as you might be able to influence another's choices, you can't decide for them.

or maybe it's not so much about convincing another to take your hand and follow, but rather finding the right companions? like-minded nomads? coz if they're heading there as well, least you know that it's a little less lonely a road to walk on.


  1. Anonymous10:50 AM

    if you don't have aids and not emo,than you're not mike leong and i don't think we're friends haha

  2. Anonymous4:31 PM

    i don;t think we'll be friends

  3. takes one to know one, huh?