April 7, 2009

chainmail, please

have you ever wondered, in most multiplayer online games, the armor is always the most interesting aspect of the experience? kind of the most prominent differientation factor- well, besides the fucking face of course. and it's so coincidentally close to home that just how it is in real life, we all customise our own personal set of security, against the harsh and unforgiving forces out there. how we each have to develop our own defense mechanisms to safeguard our own sanity.

to think about it, it varies greatly from person to person, some more unique and 'elite' while others choose to embrace the light and simplistic approach, confident of their own prowness and abilities to avoid injury. maybe as a more introverted person, confrontation isn't really my thing, which would explain my choice of harnessing such heavy protective measures.

would i eventually shed this burden, muster the confidence to believe that my own agility is enough to suffice? or am i going to wear an inverted iron maiden for life? too bad life can never be turn-based.


  1. Anonymous1:48 AM

    life, like rpgs, have many characters, many classes, many professions.

    Maybe like the knight you keep your heavy armour which protects you, makes you strong by keeps you slow as well.

    Maybe like an archer I favour less armour but keep agility as my ally.

    To each their own..

    But can one actually change/ choose their own class? their own profession without being judged? Or to choose w/o people saying that one class is more leet than the other? I wonder...

    *Geek Speak*