April 12, 2005

Abode of Abundant 'Creatures'

one of the many breathtaking views that aesthetically paints lang tengah

[journal entry]

After a 3 day, 2 night trip to Pulau Lang Tengah, Terengganu, I not only have a peeling forehead and bed bug bites to remind me of the lovely time snorkling and just lazing about, but also the disturbing memory of 'creatures' that reside in the island.

I'm not talking about weird stuff you see living in the water (cluster of barnacle looking things on a fallen log was one of them), but the supernatural beings that live there. Frankly, I wouldn't say i'm a pious Catholic or anything, but nothing is going to change my mind to believe He exists, and He watches over us, His children. Althought nothing harmful happened, i'm still feeling a little disturbed (or spooked, if you like) that such an occurrence is possible. Can't say I want to dwell on the details here, but this incident lead on to a rather interesting conversation regarding spirits and religion with my girlfriend and her best friend (at dinnertime, safetly back in KL where people are too busy to worry about the supernatural).

According to P, who has the ability to 'see' these things (also recognized as the third eye), mentioned that the 'charm' located on the top of the cupboard (it was a small keris, black charcoal, and yellow piece of cloth, amongst other things) could have been a protective ward? - indicating that there was indeed some sort of prescence from the unnatural about. The irony of it is that a place so beautiful to the eye could be so potentially 'deadly' to the soul. Whether we like it or not, these things are there, living amongst us, known by different names by different races and religions; - [genies, djinn, jinni], [nymphs, mohini, succubus], [demons, daemons, syaitan, britney spears, devils]. It's a major comfort to know that i have a religion to fall back on in moments like these. If anything, this episode has strenghtened my faith in Him.

Guess there can't be God without the exact opposite existing, like how the term 'good' has to co-exist with it's counterpart - since the former is defined as the 'abscence of evil'.

(for more details on the trip, please refer here.)

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