April 14, 2005

stairway to 'a' heaven


Have you ever came across people who seem bittersweet about relationships? - a pessimistic or paranoid angle about how things are going on and how they'll turn out to be (in relationships, that is)? From my observation, this state of mental attitude is almost always because of a previous relationship that turned sour. (yeah i know, it doesn't take much brains to figure that out)

i guess the most practical advice to give would be to imply that time will heal; just live and learn, or on a more no-nonsence note, that it isn't fair for the partner to be judged in such a prejudiced manner. But then again, even the most rational of people can be bent by the fragility of emotions when faced with such strong ties to the heart; more-so if the incident that can potentially taint the individual has occured more than once; repeating itself with relationships from the past.

Relationships are like ladders - each of us were designed to climb, and each of our ladders were designed differently in turn; our goal to arrive at the top: - to reach the person that we were meant to be with. But along the way, sad relationships are the steps on the ladder do break - Do we get up, and continue the journey? stay at the rung we are comfortable on? Well i guess it all depends on how short or long YOUR ladder is.


  1. Well if the ladder is like the path of a relationship, why is it so unfair that some have to climb a broken ladder and some climb with no obstacles?

    In other words, why do some meet the 'right' one at their first shot and why do some bump into a few wrong ones and yet have doubt if there is a 'right' one.

  2. point taken, look at it this way: the higher the climb, the greater the expectation = greater the reward for determination. I believe that althought a relationship can be equally rewarding for both Mr.short-steps and Miss.ladder-kinabalu, in thier own aspects that is, since:

    Mr.short-steps would not have such a long list to compare to, just like how you can say a Honda is the best and is happy with it, simply because one has never been in a ferarri.

    Miss.ladder-kinabalu on the other hand, has the liberty to bask at where she is, knowing that the climb was worthwhile.

    makes any sense? =)