April 16, 2005

The "butterf*ck"

the butterfuck  still from unused promotional video
"if we only could live for 24hours, i'd be a butterfly.
Because i'd know, at least i would have completed what i was created to do"

[journal entry]

Time is ticking... the sound of a dateline looming up ahead. Well it's not like the ticking IS audible for that matter, but i can imagine how it would be if it was - sort of... well ominous, considering the predicament we're in. Get is done by saturday, or stay on sunday to finish it. After returning to the office after dinner with a toothbrush and some snacks, we're all set to make the best out of it. It's not like we have a choice anyway. well we do actually: this sort of reminds me of the time i went for a motivation camp (least that's what it's supposed to be if not for the guise of 'experiential learning'.)

If you have heard of that term before, i'm sure you know what i'm talking about. Yeap, it's none other than your all friendly neighbourhood cult known as AsiaWorks. I would say it does work, depending on the individuals' willingness to open up to it - to learn through experience and to heighten the awareness level of yourself, and to the things that surround you. Back to the point (to cut a long story short), about making choices, i recall this one 'enlightenment' from the programme: *edited- can't mention it here due to legal enforcement*

Well, all you need to know is that technically everyone, i mean EVERYONE, makes the best possible choices at any given time inthier life which they have to - weather conscious or otherwise; and behind every choice there are consequences. If we can learn to be aware of these choices we make, we can, to a certain extend justify our actions as a reflection of our personality, which in turn raises our self-awareness level which sequentially encourages honesty to ourselves. Why? because you'll live a happier life goddamnit. Speaking from experience, it really does feel that way - it's just difficult to conform to the norm of society as those-whom-hath-turned-from-that-side act in a rather cultic manner. aahahahahahaha HAHAHAAa

Anyway, i've got to get back to work, my renders are done.

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