April 21, 2005

Whot the fock is wrong with pizza hout?

[journal entry]

Pizza Hut my ass. no seriously, wtf is wrong with them? customers have to literally shout (or threathen to speak to higher management) to get decent service. it's annoying enough having to repeat your name, contact number and address everytime you call 1300 88 2525 because apparently they just don't keep a database that's capable of retaining customer information for more than 5 minutes at a time, but thier delivery services are always busy. This would have to be the third time calling them (after putting myself through that annoying instance of procedural crap each time) , only to find out that all, yes i repeat ALL thier delivery boys are out, so please call back in half an hour.

I've got a suggestion to make to them, hell i'd even do it for them for free. Change your bloody pre-recorded, listen-whilst-you-wait message to:

"welcome to pizza hut. As you know we only serve pizzas, and you're calling because of the lack of choices, since dominos doesn't delivery to anywhere and everywhere. Don't bother calling our lines, because we are always busy and will ask you to call us in half an hour - even if you did already call for the last 1/2 hour. We want you to know that this call will be charged as a local call, therefore, we will continue to talk in slow-motion to stall this call, just to prove our point that only local charges apply. By the time of this listening, you will have already approximately wasted RM3 on this call. SO please call our customer service number to complain, because we will not hear it anyway as your complaints will be related to a computer anyway. Have a good day and please call again."

Has it ever crossed your mind that perhaps as urban dwellers, we are habitually unforgiving when things don't go the way it's supposed to? In this scenario, a delivery service - you call, we deliver. yeah right. it's not as simple as it seems or sounds. It's just because any service that potentially relies on sources which cannot be fully dependable as the element of random-ness; borne and bred of the anthropological core which some refer as to 'free-will' - exists. But then again, if everyone was 'hard-coded' to perform a specific task, would i go for it? No - part of living would be because its an imperfect thing to do. Imperfection reminds us of our mortality. The great diversity that imperfection brings to us is the varying degrees of 'perfection' in certain traits that makes us unique. If everyone were to be measured by a standard 15 inch ruler; (i.e a little more honesty, less IQ, etc) which of more would you be?

But if this idealogy were to be taken into practice, i'm sure that one could argue that the capacity to 'be' of every single soul virtually could not, or would not be capped at 15 inches because - it doesn't seem like a likely case. Where does the remainder length that makes you you go then, Or is it simply just undefined by default till a variable is set? Not making sense? that is because this theory is somewhat flawed anyway - nobody said i was perfect.


  1. ~*sher*~1:33 AM

    yo! ok i dunno if it was veni or u who left me a comment on my blog, but either ways, were there any juicy details abt the trip? ;)ngiak ngiak ;) your stuffs are DEEP ;) and i agree with u abt those stupid services at whichever pizza eatery! next time we shud just make them ourselves.

  2. ~*sher*~1:50 AM

    ok maybe not...cus i just realised to make a pizza takes 2 hours.

  3. 2 hours? are you talking about play-dough pizza?

  4. Anonymous10:21 PM

    don't like pizza hut? domino's.

  5. aye, whoever you may be. But domino's has the "we don't deliver to deserted places where we will definately be 1/2 an hour late" issue.

  6. Anonymous9:39 PM

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