May 11, 2005

Gullible, I


the infamous dragon turtle

Feng Shui takes the fun out of living. Althought it could be defined as a Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment, the bandwagon's full of individuals who are just along for the ride. But does it work miracles for us or is it purely aesthetic in nature? Wouldn't it be considered a pagan practice? You could argue that it's been tradisionally practiced for over 3000 years. So what? So was necromancy.

I have never really bothered about superstition of this sort, but contradictory to that claim, if there was something i knew about it, i would abide as to not jinx myself. SO basically, i don't believe in it, but i do it. just in case. But doesn't that mean that i do believe in it then? How gullible can someone be?

We get people like lilian too telling us all kinds of stuff (like that MTV parody of it).. You do this.. You do that.. or you'd be fucked. I get the feeling that the whole concept doesn't appeal to me simply because i do not like the idea that life's destiny is justified by where i place my eye mo moist and clean & clear toner (God forbid that they should be facing the wrong direction) on my workdesk, because my backside will explode if i do.

How can it be a myth if a large number of people are susceptible to it's teachings as it provides them with a sense of confidence and comfort - that nothing can go wrong? I'll let the unsaid settle in. Could it be, that it's all psychological? i've got a theory that a lot of everything is self-inflicted: there's quite a lot of harm you can shield yourself from with just positive thinking. Take for example smoking. We all know it's bad for health and all that jazz, but i'm sure we all know grandfathers, or someone's grandfather who's still smoking at 83 years, and has been doing so since 18. Why? hahahahah since we all naturally believe only what we choose to believe, i'd say that because they probably didn't really think of the consequences of it, remainding as oblivious as possible to the negativity that follows the habit. A better example would be a drunk man who fell off from a cart on a rocky road but didn't die. Why? simply because his brain, (intoxicated by mind altering substances) did not register pain nor anything of that sort. Therefore, his body does not either (save for scars & whatnot that isn't as fatal anyway).

I was in Carole's office today, helping out for a presentation with my colleague, Pansin. I couldn't help but notice that she had a garden full or tortoises/turtles in every nook and cranny (and orifice) decorating the office. Pansin explained that the particular tortoise with the dragon's head was supposed to bring about a successful career. As we headed off to the studio to retrieve a logo, there it was again, the mysterious dragon turtle, emblazened in gold, sitting amongst 3 other regular turtles, on a cupboard top cum showcase. hmmmm... if everone in the world were to get one of these, wouldn't everyone's feng shui be equal? or do you have to resort to negative feng shui? (maybe a jade britney spears head to nullify everyone else's feng shui?) If it stops working, masters can claim it's because, "everyone has it, so nobody can harvest it's fruits. BUT if you get the golden mango on the other hand... "

So eventually, everyone in the world would have a whole farm of trinkets to boost just about every aspect of thier life. Maybe i could start a business ad hoc to address the rising needs of the superstitiously inclined by sourcing the original stuff and photocopying each item to eventually be compiled in a booklet entitled "everything you'll ever need for a perfect life". Plus if you buy it now at RM5, you'll be entitled to have a coloured printout of the legendary career enhancing dragon turtle, which may i add, works much better than it's greyscale counterpart.

Anyways, i take everything back, just as to not jinx myself. Heck, am i gullible or what?

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