May 4, 2005

food and thought

[journal entry]

Got a call in the morning from one of my 'brothers from a different mother', inviting me for lunch. He seemed to have a lot in his mind he needed to get off. I smiled. We've known each other since high school, a chatterbox that suffers from hyperactivity AND the guy responsible for 3/4 of the times we had to stand outside the classroom in the hot sun (besides getting us on the wrong side of the chemistry teacher, but then again she was a nazi bitch anyway).

Lunch was nice, i had a pathetic piece of herbal chicken that set me back 10 bucks (probably 9.50 for the herbs and 50 sen for the fries and chicken. or is it because the chicken smokes marijua.. ermm.. herbs, and therefore throughly pre-marinated?) Think it's just the price you pay for the 'privilage' of working in cyberjaya; the so-called intelligent MSC powered city, neighbour of putrajaya, the land of stupid signage and confusing roadblocks. If you ever wondered why the subang USJ area is numerically named, but not sequencially arranged, you'll know now that USJ was a prototype labyrinth which has now been implementated to what we know as putra-fucking-jaya.

As i pulled in the ericsson building, parked and headed to the café, i realized that most nobody save the waiters were around. A quick glance at the clock showed 11:56 am. wow. These people practice precision to the core, just like a Seiko watch. As i was comparing clock-work mechanism to thier workers, A. burst through the doorway. I glanced back to the clock. 12:00 pm. I grinned.

It was delightful to share old company again. The bulk of the conversation was mostly the futile effort to figure out why girls are attracted to bastardly behaviour, but takes Mr. nice guy for granted. Only to break up and get back with Mr. bastard to realize that he's a jerk and Mr. nice guy should had have been more appreciated. well, appreciated and boring... so thats Mr. bastard's cue. And this repetitive chain reaction continues to eventuate till the day we die.

A: nowadays, it's so hard to find quality girls like your mother, my mother... their sense of self-respect is almost gone, and they always LIE. I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE TO LIE TO ME.

M: so why don't you confront her about it?

A: i dunno, i want to see how elaborate her attempts to bend the truth are. it's interesting.

M: it's not healthy. you're almost wishing that she would lie. in fact, you want her to lie, so you can trap her in her own web.

A: yeah. i know. it's just a point i have to prove to her in that manner.

It's those little games we like to play that can really harm a relationship. Because it's the little things you do that matters the most in a relationship.


  1. Nice guys finish last rings so bladdy true...It's time to start at pole position.

  2. arboon1:05 AM

    hahaha.....pole has different meanings.....

  3. *grin* copywriters nowadays..