May 3, 2005

Project: GreenPeace

[journal entry]

yes, that seahorse
"the before"

Project: GreenPeace
Target: twin seahorses
Time: 0300 hours
Location: Port Dickson, N9

The seahorse. An unusual species that project the fast dying trait in most relationships today - the art of being monogamous. So in return for the non-bastardly behaviour, this perfect gentleman is graced with the ability to conceive. Yes, that' right the males get pregnant instead. Anyway, we felt sorry for the poor seahorses that were held captive on stone pedestrials, and decided to, for once - to do something for the betterment of the world. We decided to set them free- back to the sea where they can finally get back to being perfect gentlehorses that get pregnant for not having bastardly behavior.

Anyway this is how the story goes:
The seahorse has long called out to us from the first day we saw it, approximately 2-3 years ago. Like any other seahorse, it just wants to live freely in its natural habitat: supposedly void of any human contact. Having said that, our last attempt to free it did not go so well as we had hoped. We sadly had to abandon our cause in the name of lack-of-morale.

So this time, we planned our escapade with great consideration, plunging into every single detail that would contribute to the success of the mission. Early that night, the tack team assembled at HQ, expressions grim with determination. We had pledged that it would be today, failure to execute the task would result in a jihad against the evil captives of the defenseless sea creature. So after way too many beers, josh, kevin, giap, gig, ester, boon and i took our march into the battlefield - oblivious to the fate that would befall us.

Needless to say, the psychological pressure was too great to handle as a few of our comrades perished (well, they went back to bed actually). But determination got the better of us. Like thieves, we slunk silently into the shadowy night.

send the black guy in!
"send the black guy in frist"

My cohorts were well camouflaged- josh was as black as the night, save for the teeth part, and kevin is well, a kerching (half keling, half ching). Now i know why chinese people are never in the front line, it's not because we're balless, but it's because we're just too obvious (moral of the story: sent an indian to do the dirty job. hahaha just kidding guys, you know i love you too)

seahorse migration
"it's not like i wasn't helping, someone had to take the picture, rite?"

Anyway, these cute little seahorses were extremely heavy, probably because they have been stoning there for quite some time, but it didn't matter - nature ain't heavy, they our brothers. About an hour passed, the long and dangerous journey was almost at its end. Being part of a crusade in the name of mother nature reminded me of line from a movie i saw. It went something like this: "Yo, there are 3 things you DO NOT mess with. Mother Nature. Mother-in-laws. And motherfuckin' uranium."

In the end, we did it. And just for the sake of sentiment, we took some pictures. Pictures that would go down in history as "these goddamn people from KL are morons and have nothing else better to do when they visit PD"

josh & me

me & kevin

The twin monuments stood gracefully tall in the starlit moonlight. Both parties knew that something special had just happened. The glint in the seahorses' eyes whispered a silent thank you to us. We walked back laughing all the way. I used to think that the show Jackass was a compilation of sequencial bullshit. But seriously, if you'd experience it first-hand, you'll find out that they were just probably doing some good for the environment or something, just terribly misunderstood. With that, we bid you farewell, the maternal instincts of mother nature, eternally grateful for our act of compassion to its children, sang for us a lullaby - a perfect symphony of the crashing waves and crickets, an implication of thanks.

"one love"

Project GreenPeace is also documentated here


  1. The world needs to see those seahorses themselves and our rescue efforts. Dude, we need to upload those photos to complete the documentation of our rescue efforts. Can you upload them on my blog for me? I damn low tech la...

  2. it happens my dear kevin. if you hate technology, technology will hate you. no problem, i'll be getting the images from Ho this saturday

  3. arboon1:02 AM

    get them imageries from

  4. thanks boon.kudos to ya!