June 9, 2005

Coloured head bulu

[journal entry]

Back when i used to be in high school colouring your hair was strictly forbidden. I guess they just didn't want to encourage gangsterism, with mass media's stereotypical portrayal of golden (or blonde) haired asians that reek of yau-yeng-ness in most hong kong movies. No, maybe it was because of TOEI Animation - for some reason dyeing your hair would enable a kid to obtain supernatural powers (Super Saia style), branding these kids advocates of stupid behaviour. Or maybe there is some truth that blondes are dumb... well just look at Jessica Simpson.

For whatever matter it may be, there are quite a great number of individuals who do it because they need to. Like me (and grandparents + albinos), for instance: - because of the bloody white hair syndrome. Ok it's not a syndrome, it's a condition. Nowadays everything is a condition. (like gaming till dawn, being hamsap, smoking too much, drinking, spending way too much money and of course, being retarded like Britney Spears.) I'm going to dye my hair brown.

What's in a hair colour? Does a particular shade of the spectrum of your choice hold a symbolic meaning or message? Apparently there's a lot going on about colour theraphy and the likes. The influence a particular colour has on you, by just being surrounded in it. It could be considered fairly ambigious in nature, seeing that colours have different meanings which would equate to uncountable interpretations to the many cultures that populate the world. I hate baby blue. Like that handbag darknesstemptress has. If baby blue was a person he or she should just die.

By now you would have realized that there isn't a point to this post, so i'm ending it here. I just needed a window to get away from work for a moment - there's so much to do and i don't feel creative. And siren, you shouldn't give a flying fuck about long haired Japanese/Korean ghosts because they move way too slow. If those people didn't freeze up, they would have had ample time to run away. Plus these ghosts usually crawl on the floor, causing their mobility to be even further reduced.

Someone save me from myself.

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