June 9, 2005

little white powder

[journal entry]

Anthrax outside the envelope

Anthrax, also dubbed splenic fever, is a virulent bacterial infection that is extremely fatal. This bacteria comes in the form of spores, residing in the soil. Cute veggie-eating animals that thought they could get high with magic mushrooms seem to be the commonly infected. Individuals involved with the slaughter of these animals are prone to be infected, due to prolonged exposure to the dead hosts of the deadly micro organism.

However, there is an semi-proven theory that 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. In this context, if you were able to survive the effects of the bacteria, the immune system would gradually develop an antibody for it, possibly rendering your future generations a natural immunity. To further endorse this theory, let's use a simple everyday example: like how we love to place bits of poison (like 'combat') around the house to get rid of pests like cockroaches, which backfires after a while, when some lucky roach eats just enough to not die. Guess what, their body adapts to the alien substance, making it a tougher fucker. And it applies to it's offspring as well. That's what our dear scientists nowadays call 'evolution'. (not to mention the fact that roaches have survived since the dinosaurs)

Anthrax inside the envelope

Just to ensure the countinous survival of mankind, an envelope of anthrax will be sent up to studio, so that these chosen ones may get the chance to give birth to the new generation of man - the anthrax immunities. But if they all die their contribution to science and the betterment of the world would ensure it wouldn't be in vain. to the people from UNIGRAFIX, this one's for ya! cheers!

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