June 19, 2005

Saturday, eve of rest

[journal entry]

Saturday. Nice day to visit Tesco. To do some research on packaging that is. It was almost 12. I grabbed the phone, punched in a speed dial number and waited...

me: hello boyfriend! I want to go to tesco. you're going there too.
webber: I need to drop in the office, i've got some dumping to do.
me: you're going now??
webber: yeah, it won't be long, 15 mins tops. Follow me to the office and then we'll go to tesco later.
me: k. let me take a bathe first.
webber: take your time, i havn't either. be there when i do.
me: ciao.

I realized, being in this line, we tend to not really have a life.
webber: so i have to help my dad's friend's kid do a star wars like intro. And he's in form 5.
me: ... for school? so he wants to be a multimedia person?
webber: yeah, i need to smack the shit out of him and tell him not to do that or he'll be ruining his life. Look at me... no life. no cash. no girlfriend. my colleagues think i'm gay...
me: hahahahaha i think it's because of my white sandals. lotsa people think it's gay.

Living in Malaysia for a lifetime, we tend to grow immune to certain quirks in the many subcultures that populate our lovely country. For one, i'm sure we're all too familiar with cars with neons (preferably blue) and bootspaces filled with sub woofer(s).

G: yop, watcha doin?
me: just watching the game, having a bud. (yeah right, actually it was: nothing, watching TV, taking a break from work.)
G: ... i'll come pick you up at 8:30
me: k.

Ten minutes later, my cell registered a miss call, indicating his arrival. Simultaneously, his new black vios pulled at my front, while muffled techno was fighting to burst out of the vehicle. Opening the door, i slipped into the passenger seat, consistent thumping of the music preventing any audible attempts to speak. As the noise continued to ramble on, you can't help but wonder... heh... you'll be surprised that almost every comtemporary song to hit the charts have at least one 'techno' version, which i might add, totally ruins the piece. I can still remember Celine Dion's titanic theme in techno, it's worse than britney's shit. I'm not gonna be surprised if whoever these people are decide that the Quran should be a techno... or stevie wonder... hell, make a techno of mary had a little lamb or something, i'm sure kids would love it.

Anyway, if you so happen to be one of those people that enjoys this kinda stuff AND is reading this, go join the army or something. Our country needs you. seriously.

I need to go, i really have to finish my work.

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