June 20, 2005

The Great Divide

[journal entry]

Sitting in the new office, i'm gonna find out if it's haunted or not. Or maybe not. The office is full of expensive footstools which they decide should go on top the working desks. Oddly, they come in all shapes and sizes, but most of them comes in an ivory white. Some of them call these footstools a Mac. watever. 10 things i hate about you:

01. Very stabil. (my ass) so far: illustrator crashes: 2. And they claim it never hangs. (try lighwave, it does the trick everytime)
02. One button mouse. Good luck playing warcraft.
03. It's goddam slow. (is that why they choose Intel chips now?)
04. It's got stupid naming conventions. i mean who da fark names thier OS versions after animals?!
05. Lack of 3rd party support. You know what i mean.
06. It multasks like a bitch, despite 'looking' feminine.
07. It's expensive. and your foot wouldn't be comfortable on top of it for long.
08. i'm getting out of here. (just incase i see something i don't want to...


  1. Mahadma Ghandi11:17 PM

    alex: you got that right. I just can't think about one thing that the MAC can do taht the PC can't do better. don't give me the bullshit about the OS looks better. That's why we windows people have Stardock - which is all the Mac OS is and more. so yeah, Apple, just die. (and safari sucks ass - how many more bloody browsers are we web designers gonna have to put up with?)

  2. see? even famous people agree...

  3. but GOD created the APPLE for a reason. surely you do not want to end up like Adam.

  4. wahh we have mahadma ghandi and jesus here. woohooo.. famous people in the house, y'all!!

    but seriously.. one button mouse. woohoo... have fun with warcraft man. i'd be cursing like mad. can't even play wit a lousy 2 button mouse. ARGHH!!!! wait.. how to play warcraft wit mac.. hmm.. so ctrl+A would be.. apple+A?

  5. exactly my sentiments, althought hardcore mac users will undoubtfully argue that a logitech optical can be installed on a Mac. anyways... iMac is a scam. so is MacDonalds, Mac Cosmetics, McGyver and Mexicans.

  6. hey you.. Mac cosmetics rocks ok? that one.. u stay away. you don't know nothing! hahahahahah :)

  7. maybe they do, but for that price what a ripoff... bobby brown would be a better option.

    ermm not that i would know anyway