July 1, 2005


[journal entry]

Seems to me that people generally respond to topics such as love and life. All i have to say is that, besides being jealous is, you people have no sense of humour. Anyway, here's an interesting theory: I was on my way back from a shoot at NTV7 (where i met a whole bunch of people who were either interns, or former LUCT students - i'll come to that later) with my colleague. Somehow, our conversation bordered upon relationships and marriage, moreso people from the advertising line. Having heard this a billion times, i wanted to know how he handled it, seeing that the residents of the creative industry would seemingly endure doomed married lives, primarily due to the lack of understanding from the other half.

However, he did bring up an angle which was least expected, especially from someone who drew a conslution based on a premise which was theoretically induced, endorsed by similarly like minds. It went something like this, "A lot of divorce cases were from the advertising line. I mean, not only from this line, but the majority of them were... Yeah, that what the people in this line thought as well, so it would seem ideal to find someone who would naturally understand - someone in the same line. But it isn't always the case. The problem is, the occasional need to entertain, or party with clients and such, with no intentions or a hidden agenda, would definately get under your partners skin. It would be impossible to just not care, even if it's just harmless fun. It's human nature."

But i really have to give credit to my other half, and i really do appreciate you trying.. thanks.

Anyway, before leaving NTV7, i bumped into sher and crystal in their mini-cafeteria. After a little chat, crystal came in wearing formal working clothes, but holding a basket (like those hotdog sellers in seating aisles) with newspaper cuttings in it. She proceeded with posting them up on the bulletin board, trying to look stylish doing it. A quote from the Queen of the world that would one day be in those stupid buku sejarah in school, when questioned about her outfit was "Because what i'm doing here is unimportant, I have to dress importantly, so that i'll make myself feel more valuable. Plus got no cute guys here, just like my boss. Anyway, i feel like i want to pang sai, so i have to go." hee hee hee. Well, maybe i might have made up some of the stuff just a bit, but who cares? it's funny.


  1. crystal8:22 AM

    HELLO???!!!! WHO CARES???!!! I CARE!!!! MY GOD!!! how can you jus spoil my reputation lik tat???!! u must always tell the truth ya know..it was SHERMAINE who said she wana pang sai n gota go..hehehe..

  2. Well i have to go with Mike on this. With no doubts, it was the best part of the blog. Hahahahaha...

  3. ~*sher*~9:44 AM

    wahahaha....mike, i actually took a pic of the both of us holdin the basket ala hotdog style ok! very very the cute wan! prolly will post it up in my blog and u can steal it if u want to...to illustrate ur point ;)

  4. Darling, I felt there was a little bias statement: "Lack of understanding form their other half". Probably these advertising people never took the initiative to make their partner understand or to even salvage their marriage. Tough the advertising line is hectic, but it isn't an excuse to neglect your partner. But I'm glad you're trying your very best to slot me in your schedule whenever you have seconds to breathe. I appreciate your effort babes. Muakss......

  5. sher: where's da pic? heheheheh

    crystal: haiyouh.. chill la auntie, it's not as though you never pang sai in your life before...

    darkness: *grin*

  6. mike, u're nothing near funny.

    except that time when u slept with a log and called it julee. HAR HAR HAR HAR...

  7. that... never happened. ...eep

  8. hahahaha anyway, who died and made you 'king-of-deciding-what's-funny-and-not'? i just happened to be easily amused. Having said that, i have more fun in life than you. muahahahhahaa

  9. Who the FUCK is Julee? Iiora, u owe me an explanation man!

  10. heh heh. like boon said, she's a log.