July 28, 2005

time & life of a lifetime


I suppose society is the culprit. Born into this world as a child, the world is seen through virgin eyes - all forms of experience delightfully feed our curiosity and wonderment. As we grow in age, this innocence, or sense of wonder is robbed like a slow poison - till we start becoming accustomed to the ways of the world and society. Eventually, our perceptions will be based on norms - little statements that are deemed to be disregarded, simply because they are what they are - the need to question why would project a person as a fool for asking. Naturally, we develop that automated acceptance for our surroundings, which could be considered our own human way of adaptation to the environment. And we leave it at that.

For the sake of arguement, would that be considered living our lives could be recalled as a response or reaction - to what we know as life, which is in turn, a definition of the collective input that society has build upon generations. The standards of society, or social norms, if you like. Granted, our saving grace is our God given free will. But how many of us would want to take the more bumpy road, to go against common belief? Many of us are victims of situations - simply because it is the easiest route (or the predefined or default one). What may seem as making the best choices at a particular given time could very well be translated to making the most comfortable decisions. Decisions that we would be able to live with without very much effort. The safer path.

Ironically, some people may consciously CHOOSE to live this way. [if it isn't broke, why fix it?] Frankly, it's because it has a slightly better chance of survival [i know it's not broke, but i could make it better, or i coud be just wasting my time, or breaking it without a safety net - risk]. Go to school, Go to college, Graduate, Find a Job, Build a Career, Buy a Car, Buy a House, Get married, Start a family- blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah. Situations can force us to make decisions - and logically, if we comply to the 'dummies guilde to living' we can't really go wrong, can we? Of course, the bigger picture consists of many other factors which serve in their own demented way, contributing as the bane of austere existance.

Tragically, work is to gain means of preserving life, but searching for a meaning for that life can sometimes disrupt the former, which if compared side by side would seem to be of a more primary need as failure to do so could lead to certain death. (yeah, heh, i know it's a dramatic way to put it, but one way or another, the need of survival depends on earning a living) But depending on the individual, we decide on that balance - hence the free will part. There are instances whereby an individual can have the best of both worlds without too much of a sacrifice, but putting this in context of an average citizen, any of the below are possible outcomes based on where we choose to head:

a) A more meaningful life, but less luxurious one.
i.e: more time with loved ones, building relationships that last long term, average lifestyle.

b) Career first, more lavish lifestyle.
i.e: luxuries are more affordable, a higher standard (acc to society) of living, meaning of life = career orientated

Writing the first 2, i realized that there are just too many variables to list, but i'm sure you get the picture. But something that dawned upon me at this time of writing is that there is no fool-proof plan, an ideal strategy that is void of loopholes. Having said that, the definite pattern of behaviour would be to follow the proven guildeline whilst attempting to sanction a balance that can be agreeable to myself and my partner.

I pray for divine intervention in the form of guidance. May my prayers be heard.


  1. arrrggghhhh...iiora! Must you really speak my mind at this moment!?! just when i decided NOT to think about it and you had to WRITE about it ;p ... bleurgh! i shall go to sleep now! *hehehe* but i shall not complain that u blogged.

  2. Anonymous6:38 PM

    ummm.........alas there is no perfect world, and you can pray and wait for divine intervention for a lifetime, but god knows and you know, your life and your lifepath is of your own making.

    There will be numerous sacrifices, love lost, love gained, friends forgotten, career paths divided, but at the end of the day, if you can answer this question....'Have I been true to myself? Have I been anything but myself? And if your answer is YES! You are going in the right direction.....

    Youth is something to be experienced, enriched and chances taken......do not let anything hold you back lest you should look back one day and have any regrets......and find that it is too late to make amends, be it your career or your relationships...or whatever for that matter, your destiny and your life choices are yours and yours alone to make, yes, you can consider the considerations of your partner, your friends and your family when you do something, but at the end of the day, at the moment right before you close your eyes....just before the threads of sleep descends......at that point when no one and nothing disturbs you, ask yourself at this point in your life, what is it that is most important to you?

    And the very next morning, upon waking, if you still feel the same way......than that is your answer......
    There is never a right or wrong, grey areas are aplenty.........go with your gut feel, let your instincts guide you.....after all, the 23 chromosomes from your Dad and the 23 chromosomes from your mom....= multitudes of genes makes for a unique and special person........no two people are alike in this world....so why ponder so hard, let it go and be glad each day that you are alive, you can see, touch smell and taste.......you have talent, you have your life ahead of you......take it one day at a time......most important ENJOY each moment, each day, each hour, each millisecond.....love what you do.........and when you love what you do, right down to the mundane act of brushing your teeth......life will seem not so bad after all becoz, you are celebrating your life!

    am I rambling or is there some sense in this? That is for you to decide......

  3. Anonymous12:54 AM

    dude. by reading your blog entry, it is quite certain that the issue of "life" is one that puzzles you yet at the same time intrigues you.

    life is life. it is complicated and uncomplicated all at the same time. i guess it depends on how you would wanna look at it.

    i doubt there is a person out there who doesn't question what it is no matter how 'accepting' they may be to their "conditions".

    a lot of factors contribute to who/what we are. our parents, our upbringing, society, the media, religion... i can go on and on and for each individual, these factors may vary.

    yet for you, my friend, i can honestly say that if you pray sincerely, your prayers will be answered.

    it is just that simple.

    just how long you gotta play... well, that's the complicated part.

    sorry dude. God loves playing these games. too much time on His hands, i reckon.

    -someone who once knew you when you prolly thought less....

  4. Anonymous12:54 AM


    this is the person from the last comment.

    i made a typo.

    play is PRAY.

    sheesh. it's the hour. past midnight. i should be in bed.

  5. anonymous: thank you for your contribution. =) whoever you may be.

    sher: heck it's something at the back of our minds - most of the time anyway. someone's gotta say it sooner or later =)

  6. bro, i'm lost...need help...please call...

  7. Anonymous1:34 AM

    u r in advertising, ur wondering if the long hours u put in, is worth all the family gatherings,functions with friends, romantic outings with ur gf that u missed. no it's not. someone who has been in dis industry 4 10 years told me so. how many ECDs are there in kl? bout 40. how many ppl r vying 4 tat job? thousands...how many scams can u do? once u win ur awards, ur back 2 square 1. get out while u can. ur still young...good luck!