July 10, 2005

The Urban Garden of the Eden

[journal entry]

+ hold on for the pics, i bloody forgot to take back the USB cable from the office.

Seems like having a garden inside a shopping complex is the in thing now. Was just at One Utama that day, to catch the launch of Alien Planet on discovery channel (in conjunction with War of the Worlds). Darkness was at work preparing for the media (thanks for the gold class passes), I decided to kill time just walking around the new wing.

Watching victims of advertising walking everywhere like poor misled sheep drawn to the subliminal pull of suggestion, I steered towards the exit of another of Lilian Too's "i-love-superstitious-people" stores, only to find myself face to face with what seemed like a huge greenhouse.

wow. What in the world is the point of this? I say fuck the gardens - we need more parking space.

This goes for Midvalley as well. Jeez...

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