July 8, 2005

To the things that matter

[journal entry]

Sometimes you may feel like you're in the dark. Sitting alone with no one that truly understands. What brings you a measure of comfort is talking to someone about it, so that a slice of your life is passed on - living as a part of another. When your world seems to be crumbling down, do not look at the rubble of the once tall standing granite, because it's just the surface you're looking at. It's when your mental vision projects a veil of disgruntled over the emotion of heart. I guess when things just don't seem to go the way we expect them to be, we stmble and fall, blaming the hard grounds that bruised our knees.

Larry Kersten once said, "Every dark cloud has a silver lining, but lightning kills hundreds of people each year who are trying to find it." Disregarding the lightning part, every dark cloud indeed has a silver lining, just like how every situation is shone upon by a ray of hope, if only we all learn to look hard enough. Personally, the easiest way to achieve this is to strip off all layers that conceal just the very basics - intention. Being human, it's hard to deny that we tend to get comfortable with situations and actions, particularly of those who matter to us. Stuff like being sweet is noticed and acknowledged at first, but time does a lot to dampen the effect of this continuous effort. But while 'time' being the biggest culprit, it is essentially an individuals character that makes up for it. In this context, time is merely replaced with the word 'endurance'.

Evidently, the source of this common practice lies in the not-so commonly practiced objectivity: to judge a situation from all (if possible) available viewpoints. How often do we make a statement like "The sun is fucking hot, it's killing the fuck out of me!" versus, something like "Fuck me! My body can't take the heat. I'm gonna die." Blame the sun for making us hot? or should it be blaming ourselves for FEELING hot? like it or not, the majority chooses to blame anyone (or anything, for this matter) besides ourselves. By the way, my spacebar isn't working so well, i can't count how many times i had to backtrack just to add it in. Fucking Mac. see? But of course there are exceptions. Namely, when it comes to Macs, just blame 'em. We users know what we're doing, AND we're very literate. Their product sucks iBalls and eDicks. It's all Apple's fault.



  1. just because u're MAC illiterate, doesn't mean it sucks. learn to lurveeeeee it la.

  2. hell the only Mac worth using is the G5. i'm stuck with a freakin eMac yo. 'e' my ass.

  3. they should rename it to eYer.

  4. that's cause u've just joined the company la. entry level junior sure la use eMac only!

  5. Art director also using eMac la sayang. ask him and see la. *grin*

  6. hahaha oh yea i saw doug that day...told him i might come visit u guys one day...we'll see if that day will come...hahahaha...