October 19, 2006

It's in the name

[journal entry]

The infamous brand that pioneered the whole MOTOthingy, stopping short of aji-no-MOTO, have quite an interesting naming convention for their mobile shit. I mean, RAZR? wow... razor... *grin* SLVR?!!? saliva ke silver? no points for guessing ROKR and PEBL. But KRZR!? someone tell me what the fuck does that mean, the billboards are driving me crazy. Still, 4 alphabeths-fill-in-the-blanks would seem like one hell of a brand up to date.

Talking about names, or codenames for that matter, you just gotta love Apple. I mean, "Jaguar", "Tiger", "Leopard", "Panther"?? does that mean the successors are greater cats? So what happens when they run out of big cats to use? hah! introducing the Mac OSX 7.0 "Belimbing"... nice.


  1. well, they've still got cougar, lion, cheetah, puma, snow leopard, clouded leopard, iberian lynx, onza, bobcat, ocelot, margay, jaguarundi, caracal, serval and eurasian lynx.

    and if they've run out of big cats to name their OS, they could try with canidaes like coyote, gray wolf, red wolf, ethiopian wolf, maned wolf, dingo, golden jackal, side-striped jackal, black-backed jackal, dhole, culpeo, grey fox, hoary fox, pampas fox, fire fox, red fox, swift fox, kit fox, cape fox, arctic fox, island fox, gray fox, cozumel fox, bat-eared fox, tibetan fox, fennec, short-eared dog, raccoon dog, wild dog or even domestic dogs.

  2. good point. i supposed when that runs out as well they'll start cross breed names: i.e the BullSheep. very unique. very appropriate.