May 5, 2009

photogenic... and 'perso-genic'?

in a conversation today, the topic about being photogenic cropped up. (sorry, nothing to do with the image above, and not this conversation either. that is just there so that people will know that mel really looks like kok in real life, and she's scamming people.)

anyway, the point is, there isn't quite a surface formula to gauge a person's personality, or rather traits that define a character (physiognomy isn't very accurate). just by one glance. there are no lenses that could pierce our beings and see right through us. what if faces could be peeled away, revealing a whirling mass of 'personality'? would you look away in horror or stare transfixed by a beauty that surpasses our skins? what would you look like, and would you like what you see?


  1. fcuker. fatboy. whatever. LOL.