May 6, 2009

karmic retribution

if you a chance to define the laws that govern the human society, would you then be able to discern the reasons behind all our dark, selfish persuits. it would seem everyone is somehow on a solo crusade to fill the hollow parts of their lives- with each passing filler a weaker echo than the last. this riduculous theatre of ridicule is then just a spectacle for the amusement of another actor rehearsing the same tired script. bound by the same strain of mire. and it would typically go something like this:

i, with the sand-papered heart,
who carries a 'get out of jail' card,
i, the self-exiled in fear,
who sheds petals of hostility,
on the paths of those who would venture too near,
would you come to dislike me, if you knew who i could be?
or crown me with a black halo, for everyone to see?

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