January 13, 2010

little strings

when in the face of seemingly impossible odds, and things can't get any worse than they already are, would you be one to just pin the blame on luck? if lady luck actually had a real profession, it would probably be client servicing - coz you just get blamed for whatever. that's just the way it is.

Question is, how far can a person venture in making this idea an integral aspect of your life? To a certain extend it's comparable to embracing the sheer randomness of things - just that it doesn't sound as mystical if you put it that way. If a continuous string of crappy incidents were spun like a web all around you till you look like you're related to Tutankhamun will eventually just, well fully envelop you from head to toe. and then what?

There's kinda nowhere else to go from rock bottom anyway. but what if, the threshold of what rock bottom is for a person is defined by the person themselves? In saying this, it's decided by when you want to put a foot down and decide that this is, where you are, rock bottom. And then all of a sudden your wrapping gets torched by a stray flint. goddamnit, lady.

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