August 11, 2010

Glass Memories

Can you remember when was the last time you've been in a place like this?
Sometimes it seems like it was a place that existed once upon a time, locked inside a silver bird cage within a drawer up somewhere within that bulimic mind of yours - or just maybe, it was intentionally rigged to be overlooked, automated to be forgotten?

Will this time be different? Layers of glass hands on the walls menacingly beckon - daring you to walk past them. This is when, logic prompts you to back off - the self-preserving mechanism against wounds that may refresh. Till you realize that it's a bigger mistake not even going there.

No, not this time. Stupid or not, it's not the gentle tugging that drives you forward; it's an intense yearning - a need and a longing... taking that step. Because it's you.

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