August 13, 2010

just another half-a-footstep more

Well, what did you see? Really, when you stare into that distance... when that slight shift in your gaze seem to connect to a place unreachable by me. If I asked would you tell me honestly? If I ran would you find me willingly? I could say it but you won't believe me. I could smile but it wouldn't deceive you. A mirror, no matter how shattered or broken, would still reflect because it does. Or are you coated with a non-reflective substance that you use to shield that surface?

Does this ground seem to be made out of emotional tiles - the kind of material that makes you wonder if it's able to withstand your weight, or disintegrate - making every single step a gamble. You would think you've gone as far as you will ever get... but the horizon stretches, kinda like how the line where the sky and the sea meets on a calm day at the beach - but you're not sure if it's actually the edge of the earth or a seemingly infinite landscape. But you still press on anyway.

Why then? Because a road like this would either lead you to the most beautiful place you could ever imagine, or set you up for one of the biggest plunges you would ever take? Because you can't turn your back on it without just 2 little words haunting your lifetime... 'what if?' Or because you just know. Because a little bird told you so.


  1. Anonymous11:26 PM

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  2. i will just that it as you're high on something. Have no idea what you're saying.

  3. It's kind of nice to know that you have "emotional" in your dictionary, Leong.